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Default Washer Pump Repair and wiring

My !983 245 has both washer pumps not running. I did a voltage check on the terminals going in and there's proper power being sent. There's fluid in the reservoir of unknown vintage (blue).

Windscreen pump has ~4 ohms of resistance across it but wasn't running. Terminals were very stuck to the plug, one actually pulled out of the plug somewhat when removing it. Wires leading to the plug are super crumbly and need replacing (or I just wrap in electrical tape). Looks like they're crumbling deeper into the combo-wrapped wiring bundle.

Rear pump (ironically further forward) has 5 MOhms of resistance, so I assume that one is completely burnt out. Wires are in slightly better shape but still crumbling like crazy.

I watched David Bello's video about the components here and still have a few questions

1. Is 4 Ohms expected resistance such that if that pump is not running it's likely stalled?
2. Flushing the lines - I assume there's all sorts of old crud in the lines, beyond using compressed air, what are suggested fluids for flushing? (Push a bunch of alcohol or something in, let it sit, push it out, repeat...)
3. Anyone found any problems with MTC's pump?
4. It looks like I can get replacement plug + wires but it also leads to a secondary question - where would I join them in most easily? I assume they connect in somewhere on the massive wire bundle from cabin to engine bay, but what's a good spot to splice in? Just remove protective bundler, find where wires stop crumbling and go with it?
4.a. If I want to just get new plug heads, do those come with the female banana things mounted or would I have to insert the metal and rubber cover too? I think this might be a replacement plug head:
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