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For underhood lines - I just replaced mine with new rather than try to clean out the dried up old ones. Bought a 50' spool of 5/32 vacuum hose for $25, which also works for many of the small vacuum lines under the hood. Recycled the T fittings and spray nozzles.

For the rear washer, if still working - re-running that line would suck. Honestly I'd just disconnect it at the 90* fitting in the back right corner, flush it with washer fluid by running the pump for a while, then reconnect and flush the vertical section out the nozzle. The 90* fitting tends to leak or become disconnected so a replacement and/or judicious use of zip-ties to secure the connection to the barbs may be in order.
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Navigating the Siskiyous in a 3 wheeled Volvo will not end well.
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