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The washer pump wires on my '85 were crumbling to bits too. I ended up sliding pieces of heat shrink tubing over each wire and shoving it up into the loom as far as possible. Hopefully, the loom and the added un-shrunk tubing will protect the wires in the loom. I then chopped off the exposed wires close to the loom and spliced in new good wires.

The MTC replacement pumps are fine but they use the weird Volvo bullet connectors. I know that similar pumps, for the same style slide-on mounting posts, exist with more standard connectors, but I don't have the part numbers. There are also universal pump kits that you can screw down nearby.

The 90* fitting in the back of the wagon is a 1-way valve. Mine's currently stuck closed. Whatever you do, don't try to blow it out with 50psi air from the squirter nozzle or you may hear an oh-crap popping noise as the rubber hose in the pillar ruptures.
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