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Default Volvo 240 tings.

1993 Volvo 240 in the high 300,000 mile range. The odometer doesn’t work but the previous owner drove the snot out of it and he says that by counting tanks it could be around 400k. Anyway I plan on fixing this up slightly I had a couple of questions. The ac doesn’t work. All I know is that the switch lights up blue when you hit it but the clutch doesn’t engage on the compressor. Are there any easy things to test or replace? Also I want to swap out the cluster if at all possible for one that works a bit better. The speedo works good enough but it sorta jumps around when you are going slow and I wonder if it’s at deaths door. Also the odometer doesn’t work, and lastly the clock sorta works and is utterly useless. I want to swap in a cluster with a tachometer instead of a clock if that’s not too hard to do. I don’t have crazy plans for the car just fix stuff when it breaks and continue to drive the snot out of the car.
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