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Default Bad camshaft torque?

hi! I have a lot of small problems with my 240, a lot of them done and rebuild 80% of car still driving it daily but never have problems with engine... But now something happened...

So, 2nd time since 2018 i gave my car to only specialist shop (volvo rwd cars only) and they found out there was bad valve clerance. they set up everything to good numbers. After that i made home (300km), i made engine flush and oil change (as always) - Liquy moly flush and 10W40 oil with MoS2, made 1400 km trip and i heard something while i was driving with 2-2,5k rpms. It was strange noise coiming from exhaust/engine side so i open hood and check. there is noothing on idle, nothing on low rpm but ther is weird knock on 2-2,5k rpms - it's realy related to inside engine movment. When i use throttle with my hand i feel thats something knocking inside engine....

Any ideas what can happened? I maintain my car all the time, i change oil every 10k km, almost all seals in engine are new (only headgasket and exhaust mainfold gasket are 31 yo and 398950km old), never have problems with it...

Can it be bad camshaft torque? Should i remove it and torque it with spec or just torque all bolts without removing it?
What it can be?

PS: this long drive was probably my slowest and calm drive since i ever own car (gas price, long distance, chilout roadtrip) so i don't think i do something bad with using car (i never reach more then 3,5k rpm while driving my Volvo)

Volvo 240 91' B230F+LPG M47

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