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Default 780 elm burl trim restoration

After looking pretty flaky for a while, the lacquer on my 780's elm burl dashboard trim has mostly parted ways from the timber. What hasn't already flaked off the timber is ready to do so. (The upside of this is I won't have to worry about stripping the old stuff off.....)

I'd like to restore these pieces to their former glory, but I have zero knowledge of how to do it.

This thread is the only one I've found on here which hints at this subject. There's mention by Mister Chair of '80's clear catalyzed epoxy' but is there a better, more modern equivalent?

What type of lacquer should I use to make it look nice again?

How many coats will be needed?

What sort of preparation will the elm burl need before new lacquer is applied?

This info might also come in handy for folks restoring timber trim on 240s.

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