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Default Rear wheel play and clunk with handbrake / e-brake on

Hi brickers,

Unsure whether this is just a #Volvothings, or if something is wrong.

240 sedan with all new rear poly bushings, adj torque rods, panhard bar etc. The bushings were all tightened with the car at ride height.

Handbrake/e-brake cables are adjusted properly and stop the car without excessive lever travel

With car on stands and handbrake on, you can rotate the rear wheels a small amount each way and they clunk at each end.

The same noise can be heard with an aggressive downshift or when reversing from a stop (the noise seems to transmit through the tailshaft making a 'ting' noise).

There is minimal play in tailshaft when handbrake is on

Any ideas?

1983 240GL - 1UZ-FE - in progress
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