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Originally Posted by Janspeed View Post
The last thing that was done to the car was adjusting valve lash. (not a surprise it the car has been running on LPG for a long time)
The lash will have been tight. The mechanic will have replaced the shims with thinner shims to get back to lash specifications.
maybe you can remove the valve cover and visually inspect the valve springs and the shims. (something could have gone wrong, maybe one shim has jumped out of it's bucket?)
You can also test if any cam bearing caps are lose.

If the running engine makes a strong ticking sound in the rhythm of engine revs then maybe also check the exhaust for leaks (between head and exhaust manifold and between manifold and pipe). A blown gasket in the exhaust system can produce ticking sounds that may sound like a mechanical problem.
Everything is good, in specs - i check all of thing i could. And yes. there is ticking and swirl sound but it's because old exhaust manifold gaskets (i know i should change it but they are stuck so head gasket will be best time to do it at once). Bearing caps are good, camshaft os good - that's probably something lower then camshaft...
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