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Originally Posted by blkaplan View Post
Whats the easiest/best way to pressure test the head?

Car sat over the weekend with a pressure tester on the system, psi went from 7psi to around 5... not bad? Glad I didn't come into a gage reading 0. I proceeded to drive the car around 70 miles yesterday. Milky coolant from oil cap seems to be gone.
I use a setup that closes off all of the coolant passages and allows me to pressurize them with air. I then use a soap/water mixture to look for cracks. Works very well.

On car, you might be able to add a UV dye to the coolant and then pressurize it. Then pull the valve cover and see if you can see any dye showing up.

It sounds like the milky cap was just residual condensation. The pressure drop seems reasonable given the number of possible leaks in the system.
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