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... and you'll end up with a beast with marginal road manners that gets 12 mpg on a good day...

I used to be a diehard carburetor fan, mostly because the earliest electronic engine controls didn't offer much reassurance. But by the late-80s, the OEM mfrs were starting to figure out how to build EFI that really worked well, and overdrive trannies that achieved almost startling gas mileage. Certainly by the 1990s you can find a drivetrain that will give you a smile on your face every time you fire it up. I'm told that the engines available today surpass even that, but admittedly there's nothing in my stable that was created in the current century.

The JTR conversion book is well worth the read, even if you never turn a wrench afterward. Especially the opening chapter, where he dispels lots of myths, including the concepts you mention above. Basically, he heavily encourages people to end up with a smooth, reliable, powerful car that you enjoy driving. The powerglide, although loved for decades by those who build single-purpose vehicles because it offers only one shift during the 1/4 mile, ain't gonna bring much happiness for street driving. Or selling later, when you come to that realization.

Not that the LS is the holy grail, it's simply one of the easiest options to find nowadays. It provides (with competent installation) the possibility that you or anyone in your family could hop in and take it for a spin, enjoy Volvo refinement that just so happens to have twice the horsepower it used to. Seems like magic, to me.
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