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OK so I have been wanting to bring you guys up to date with whats going on with this car for quit some time but free time in my life is about non existent. I'll give you a quick rundown of whats we have been doing with the car.
We ran the fist race with it in October of 2010. We did finished the race. I don't recall what position but I was not disappointed with the car for its first time out.
this is what it looked like at that race.

between that race and the next race in October we had the car painted and that was about it. The car was then known as the General Leif.

Unfortunately that race did not go is well as the last. On Saturday we went through one transmission and with about a hour left in the race I grenaded the engine. Not to self, check the oil every time you pit .

While my over team mates started to pulling out the engine I ran home to grab a spare engine and the engine hoist. By 11pm we had the engine in and running. First thing in the morning with little time before the next race we tried to get the new engine tuned up. Well long story short we didn't get it tuned properly. About a hour or two into the race we melted a piston, our weekend was over. Now it was time to get ready for the next race that would happen in April of 2011.
Here are a couple of other pictures from that race.

I'll get you updated with what happened at the April race soon.
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