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So after blowing up one B20 and melting the other at the last race we decided to rethink our drive train. As a side note, I personally never really expected the B20 or a 40 year old unknown D-jet system to hold up to the first 12 hour race let alone another 5 or so at the next. I have no doubt that had we done a better job of checking the oil what happened would not of happened. Our fault not the cars. The truth is, though while fun, I don't think we ever thought we'd be a front running car.

So after some discussion we decided that we should try and do a swap of some sort. After a while Kyle found a 89 244 on OVT for sale for $250. It was perfect, it was one of those "I'm not sure why it stopped running" deals with a M47 and the LH2.4 that we wanted to try and make work. After towing it home and unloading it in a matter of minutes Kyle had it up and running. I don't recall what all was wrong with it but I think the timing was off a bit and might of needed a main computer. After pulling of what we needed and selling off anything we could to help pay for the project the car was scrapped.

Next was to put in the engine. We decided to run the engine as Volvo wanted it, at a slant. That way we could run the M47 and not have a funny looking intake and exhaust manifold. After much hacking on the X member to get it to sit where we wanted it we made some engine mount. It was nice that drive line bolted right up as did the center support bearing. After rewelding the X member, putting in engine, and all the LH2.4 stuff Kyle fired it up.
Here is a early picture of the install. Lots to figure out still at this point like where the alternator will go, figuring out what to do about a brake booster and trying to use the intake off a B21.

couple pictures of enlarging and baffling the oil pan.

Luckily Kyle has a coworker that had some fabbing experience and was able to help us weld in some injector bungs into the B21 intake manifold.

That's all I have time for today
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