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So a couple of the bigger problems we had with the engine swap was mounting the alternator and what to do about the brake booster. We tried to mount to a stock Volvo alternator but where not able to make it fit. Not enough room in the stock lower location and the steering box and other stuff was in the way when we tried to use the 740 mount that puts it up and to the right of the engine. Finally after much searching we where able to source a little alternator that was able to sit between the engine and the frame rail on the lower left.
On the brake booster we used a smaller booster from a Japanese car. I had picked it up at a swap meet years ago and have no idea what the stock application is. I wish I did in case I ever need to replace it. Oh well, guess I'll worry about that when the time comes.
Here are a couple of photos of swap done.

So while we where getting the car setup we where also rebuilding another engine to hopefully have done before the next race that was quickly approaching. Nothing too special on the engine just a basic rebuild with new rings, bearings and seals etc.
So there where lots of little things to get the car ready but in the long run we were able to get the car done with the rebuilt engine and all. I think we had a week to drive it around town to help make sure to get all the bugs out, witch none ever showed up. In fact the car ran flawlessly the whole race but more on the next time.
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