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Car is all ready to go.

So when it was race day last October we basically showed up and just drove. Here are a couple of pre race pictures.

Kyle ended up taking the green flag witch instantly put us in first. We held that position well past the half way point of the race. The only car that was able to get around us was a 69ish Datsun roadster that had a motor swap. I don't recall what engine was used in the swap. I chased him awhile after he passed me. I was able to out handle him in the corners by a slight margin but he was just too fast down the straights. I also set our fastest lap of the day on lap 142 how fitting.

Didn't get a whole lot of pictures during the race but here are a couple.

I jumped in the car for the last two hour stint to the finish. There was no catching the roadster and we had a two lap lead on the third place car. All I had to do was stay ahead of third place. Shortly after taking the wheel I noticed sparks coming from the front wheels while under braking. We where running out of brakes. Luckily there where a bunch of yellow flags and a 30-40 min period where we were stop with a red flag. Pictures of what was left of the brake pads.

So after 12 hours of the car running pretty much flawlessly we took 2nd place.
Post race inspection.

The team and the car.

The car.

And the trophy.

As we speak we are working on a brake upgrade and with any luck maybe a little dyno time to get a couple more pony's out of the engine and a little aero work so we can be a little faster down the straights.
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