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I have a 1987 Volvo 240DL. I'd like to mount a radar detector, preferably somewhere near the rear view mirror. I prefer not to use the suction cup mounts as they tend fall off. Most of the more solid mounts that attach to the rear view mirror stem are for cars that have the mirror glued to the windshield with a large diameter horizontal cylinder going from the windshield to the mirror on which to mount the bracket. The 240 mirror is different and the stem is smaller and comes down from the ceiling. Those mounts do not appear to be compatible. Additionally, the 240 mirror has a tab on the bottom for tilting the mirror if someone behind you has headlights on (like all cars had back in the day).

The radar detector is an Escort 8500 X50. BTW I have a dash cam right in front of the mirror, close to the mirror mount, which poses added complication. The radar detector would likely be most ideally positioned under and slightly ahead of the mirror. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I've been using the suction cup mounts for ages they work fine, just slightly moisten the cup before you put it on the windshield. They come off once in a blue moon and are re-adhered in about 1 second.

And why are you trying to mount it so high - the cord hanging down that far in that position would drive me crazy (unless you are doing a good install and putting it under the trim)?
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