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Originally Posted by dbarton View Post
I have driven with others who like their detector low on the windshield near where it meets the dash. Can you reach it without stretching your arm? Nope. And If you're driving a more modern car with a long windshield, the detector is completely out of reach.

Putting it near the mirror makes it as easy to reach as the mirror and as easy to see also.

Why do I need to reach it? All I need to do is look at it when I get a hit to see what band it is. The cig=plug has a mute button on it if the auto mute isn't fast enough for my taste ("auto-mute" sorry you V1 guys aren't familiar with that ) - so it's even easier to reach than your rear-view mirror location.

Valentine 1 gen 1? You guys need to bite the bullet and upgrade to something that was designed after 2000 At least go with the Gen 2.

Just good natured RD ribbing
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Just because you didn't experience something growing up doesn't mean other people didn't. Case in point: I can't remember ever being a total moron, but that doesn't mean you aren't one.
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