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I've always had problems with the suction cup mounts staying put, including the large single cup.

I decided to mount the radar detector high, both to avoid "prying eyes" (cops or crooks) and to get it out of my field of view. Not the best place for rearward detection but it's worth it for me. Dash cam in center, in front of mirror stem. RD above mirror on right side of dash cam.

I found on eBay some stick on mounts compatible with the Escort radar detectors. Very clean. I also found a direct wire kit including LED and mute button. These come in choice of flush mount or drill-a-hole mount for the mute button. Switchable blue or red for LED (though they're too bright). I put them into one of the blank switch plates on the center dash. Wires for RD and cash cam are under the front of headliner and A pillar covers.

Will try to add pics.

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