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Thanks for the help, guys.

I remember the photo ID thread which helps folks ID the many different wheels, which is helpful in that regard, but I was hoping for specific offsets of those wheels.

Nice spreadsheet, Freq, hopefully that'll get some attention and help you fill in the cracks!

Thanks Dawson for the offset difference between the 2 and 7/9 series. Curious if the Gemini and Virgo wheels were 200 series wheels and the Dracos were 7/9?

I ask because I need to put some winter hoops on the Virgos and get 'em on my 745, and the Geminis I'd like to get some good Summer hoops on for the rest of this season too.

The 205/55/16's that came on the Gemini's rub the frame when I turn the steering to its' stop, where the 205/65/15's that are on the Dracos don't. I understand there is a difference in treadwidth and sidewall height between the 55's and 65's, but I can't help but think there is enough of a difference in offsets to give me these clearance issues - issues I don't want to repeat with the snow hoops I'd like to hook the Virgos up with or the Summer rubber I need to replace on the Geminis.

What's everyone else's experience with using the Virgos and Geminis on a stock height 745? What tire size(s) could you go with, and did you need a spacer (I see there's a new member here taking orders for hub/wheel centric spacers)?

Thanks again guys, I'm kinda in a hurry to outfit these wheels with some nice tires and don't want any clearance issues - either in or out.
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