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Originally Posted by MrSteve View Post
John, thanks for your response.

The 7mm in the kit was wobbly and the shank somewhat chewed up from slipping in the previous user's drill chuck.

You can deduct from my deposit the cost of a replacement bit for the smaller 1/4 bit becuz after I used it, I noticed it was also slightly wobbly. Since I didn't check it closely prior to my use, I could have bent it myself.

I will check on line for a 0.275/ 9/32 bit. I will also send you my address.
WTF, over?
Sure you chuck isn't the source of the wobbzlerz?
Dress down the burrs with a file and tighten the damn chuck.
Wassamatta wit youse guys? Youse all had polio as children and can't tighten a check?

Lissen these thing have drilled only a few holes in nice soft cast iron, something is seriously up-fawked if the bits are buggered after less than 200 holes or so in iron.

Can you find a 9/32 bit locally?
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