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Originally Posted by John V, outside agitator View Post
WTF, over?
Sure you chuck isn't the source of the wobbzlerz?
Dress down the burrs with a file and tighten the damn chuck.
Wassamatta wit youse guys? Youse all had polio as children and can't tighten a check?

Lissen these thing have drilled only a few holes in nice soft cast iron, something is seriously up-fawked if the bits are buggered after less than 200 holes or so in iron.

Can you find a 9/32 bit locally?
Yes, John, I did clean up the chuck end of the 7mm before chucking it up. I also rolled it on a known flat surface and it was clearly bent. I used oil on the 1/4 bit when drilling the holes in the block. It worked fine but as I mentioned, when I finished and checked it (also on flat surface) I could see it was bent slightly. By me or previous user, who knows, but I take it on myself to foot the bill for a new one unless I can bend it (and the 7mm straight) again.
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