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What's a 16V?
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Yes, John, I did clean up the chuck end of the 7mm before chucking it up. I also rolled it on a known flat surface and it was clearly bent. I used oil on the 1/4 bit when drilling the holes in the block. It worked fine but as I mentioned, when I finished and checked it (also on flat surface) I could see it was bent slightly. By me or previous user, who knows, but I take it on myself to foot the bill for a new one unless I can bend it (and the 7mm straight) again.
It was slightly bent when it arrived at my doorstep. I put it in the vice and got it decently straight enough to not worry me. I guess I forgot to post that in here...

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Incidentally, if we're going to follow this other train of thought, you should install your spare tire while the vehicle is cruising at 55mph, since that's about where it'll be used most often.
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