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As for the "damper", it's one of these. I welded on some extra tubing and tapped it to fit 7/16" rod ends to work with the STS brackets. Forgive the flux core ugliness. Not pictured is the left side of the arrangement. The rod has a "plunger", which is basically a washer fastened to the rod and is holding another donut captive against the end of the cylinder. The right rod end is threaded directly into the cylinder cap. It's a shock absorber that uses bushings instead of fluid, basically:

I did a similar thing but bought the kit for 95-98 Nissan 240Sx. It came with two dampers (maybe mistake on their part?) and I was able to use parts from both to make one unit that worked with the STS mounts. No rattle to date from that. T5 on the other hand is what it is. Believe the ebay seller was ajpdistributors.

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