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Originally Posted by gross polluter View Post
You bring ideas to the forum. Just like everyone else. Your ideas may be different and that doesn't make you right and everyone else wrong, and vice-versa. Believe it or not, it's OK for people to disagree with you.

There are a lot of people on this forum that have real-world experience with many of the concepts you discuss, including in this thread alone. In this community there tends to be a large gap where the theories and hypothesis don't match the actual result and for most people on this forum the results matter more than the ideas behind the result, and this really seems to bother you.

There hasn't been a single thread on this forum you've participated in that hasn't gone way off tangent because you take issue with anyone not agreeing with you or you think people aren't listening. You don't really seem to have any ability to play well with others and it tends to beg the question if you're a really talented troll, or if this is just how you are in real life.

Regardless, at some point you're going to have to accept that not everyone is as intelligent as you are. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and not everyone is going to accept your ideas. If that's not possible, then maybe group discussions aren't for you.
I can accept fully the fact that you know who you are and honor yourself as a troll. I can accept that you think high efficiency motor and drive design is a matter of opinions and misinformation. It shows me a clear indication of your lack of understanding about electrical rotating machines. I can accept the fact that you think these cracker jack psychoanalytical rants personally directed at me the last two days are on topic and don't contribute all to any topic tangents, but finally what you need to accept and realize is that when it comes to engineering or motor development I truly don't have to accept anything but the facts. However I am willing to sit back and let it all fall to the bottom with no interference. No slight on swedebrick but the reality is not a thing has been built here off your opinion of me and most likely it wont be at the severely lacking budget proposals. That's the reality of it all. Not one real motor designer or engineer here has disagreed with a single thing I've posted and they won't because they know the difference between opinion and facts. You would too if you knew much about motor development or had done any real research in that regard. Older "concepts" that have been confirmed empirically are already in used in many of the cars discussed here . Tesla , and TOYOTA to name a few . I'm patiently waiting to see where these many opinions lead because when it comes to the things I've shared here about motor design they are fact not unconfirmed speculation from what someone else said who also has no real experience. It's a total waste of my time to argue with someone that clearly knows not alot about it if they think its a matter of opinions. What you should accept is if you cannot digest the information from someone who knows then you have no ambition to be smarter. Your wrong I don't have to accept that the person with a quest that doesn't know what they are doing has too. Im really ok if it takes the phone world a week later to come to realistic budgets etc. Im sure with nasty feeds or a mindset like yours it will continue to lag behind. Im hoping something is built soon because all the speculative talk wont hold interest long or make it go down the road. I can accept that you think the IEEE and this scope here is a matter of opinion. I can only laugh and certainly I cannot let what you say upset me no matter how much u try. You don't know and have not worked with any high level e motor designers so why trouble myself...

It isn't at all an issue for me. Just make sure u can be happy because it sounds like alot of self reflection is actually taking place in the speeches you give. Of course I don't know you and you def dont know me so I can only see you as some crazy angry a self proclaimed troll online that will say things like you do to people you don't know. Its truly radical and obviously speaking to a total stranger that way about things you don't really know about brings you solace.

No matter the ISCAD is the most advanced 48 volt e drive system in the world currently. Straight from Germany. In a few years u might find one in a JY and it wont be cheap.

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