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Ill get concerned when opinions can hand wind something like this and extract 17+ hp out of a 448 gram motor at this efficiency level. When opinions can increase a motors copper fill by 138% we can start to have a real conversations about my mirrors. Lets not fight about it id rather follow the progress of opinions. Falling back....for sure, but the truth is If Swedbrick has a lathe and a mill I can show him easily how to silence the opinions here. The one other person that I recognize as a electric motor builder on this board hasn't posted in this thread....and knows exactly the novelty of things like ISACD and hybrid winds. If you value IC forum opinions over oscilloscopes and IEEE labs directed by fellows and seniors I'd truly be ignorant to continue any debate here. Man you know I'm crazy to the think ABB could touch anything the phone world post here.

Heres a graph for opinions about the hybrid winds with stator shifted topologies... U can troll and do not have to listen to anything I say I'm promise you it is not my LOSS!!!

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