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^ I'm going to have to get another bottle of acetylene to fit that in my 245.

Originally Posted by cwdodson88 View Post
My guess is that you donít fully understand the inner workings of that gearbox. Iíve worked on something similar. So, let me see if I understand it well enough to explain it. From what I see, thereís a planetary set: sun, planets, ring, electric motor controlling the gear ratio by fixing or changing speed at which the planets revolve around the sun (input shaft), this controls speed and torque of the output shaft. With this setup, you have near infinite gear ratios. Meaning you can spin the input shaft in one direction, and spin the planets in either direction, taking this gearbox from a high reduction to an over driven gearbox by how fast (hard) and what direction you spin the planets. They have these set in preset stages, but as a torque amplifier, I think that with the right system you could potentially get a 1000hp with very little hp on the input shaft. The only limitation would be the transmission having high enough torque at high enough rpm to be able to cope with input at the speed and torque being fed into the transmission. So, get an idea of what tq it makes, and where it knees, and depending on voltage and control, you could probably find a way to get to that 1000hp number, and I donít think it would be as big of an ordeal as you might guess.
If we are still taking toyota/lexus, That's a good tech description. I teach kids, so I usually use an open diff to show them my interpretation of how it "idles", "creeps", etc.

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Im just saying Im done...
Im in the process of trying to get Mikep to remove my entire e thread because you all just dont want to listen to me and I guess even though Ive showed you the things I know and even offered you a look into how efficiency plays in . You insist that I don't know a thing . I know the reason so Ima just leave it alone. It's clear to me that the forum has only a set group of individuals that it wants to listen to. I cant waste my time with it. You don't know the value of the things I try to show you so I really hope mikep pulls it away. Its pretty insulting to have spent all the time I have with it and have someone tell me I don't know anything because they say it may be possible. I hate I shared anything and I'm going to stop doing that. Its pointless. When I heard 19 points of efficiency wont make much difference in the performance of an EV I should have cut my losses and just bugged out. Ya'll want to argue and throw ad hominem everything but listen to me so thats fine. Honestly there's an awfully lot of elementary questions in it from members that are now experts in this one. Its pretty amazing the view count of nothing. Thats the thanks I get...just take my knowledge 10,000 plus strong and tell me I'm stupid and what Im aware and not aware of at the same time. Thank you. I'm banning myself from here.

Its all yours
I am an archivist my nature. There is good info there, and if you requested a clean-up, I would find the time soon and clean it up, and then re-open it.

I do not think it needs to go away.

I am getting more and more busy over the next two weeks, so let's keep the cobbling ideas going in here, and sort out the pissing contests elsewhere.
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