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Originally Posted by mikep View Post
^ I'm going to have to get another bottle of acetylene to fit that in my 245.

If we are still taking toyota/lexus, That's a good tech description. I teach kids, so I usually use an open diff to show them my interpretation of how it "idles", "creeps", etc.

I am an archivist my nature. There is good info there, and if you requested a clean-up, I would find the time soon and clean it up, and then re-open it.

I do not think it needs to go away.

I am getting more and more busy over the next two weeks, so let's keep the cobbling ideas going in here, and sort out the pissing contests elsewhere.
Oh no mike its only my OPINIONS posted there LOL.... I know your buzy and having to chaperone grown ass men is tiring.

Its very disappointing that the phone world never once considered what happens if the swapped motor loses a phase. Winding the motor is part of servicing it. I guess the turboricks way will be a one and done.... if it ever fails... Marvelous....truly...

If you dont want to remove it why no unlock it so i can stay in my lane and anyone that like the turbobricks way can stay in here.

Id like to talk to people that did not touch this thread but are in mine like James M. who posted something tangible I can recognize as tru economical DIY. A warp 9 could really push the brick down the track. Win a few races and you can step up your equipment .



There's a few people in it starting trouble that hadn't a clue about EV they just like to know everything even in threads where the truly know nothing. They will even tell people how much hp they make without even knowing there compression ratios etc.

Allow the people that are capable and have interest in building there own inverter motors whatever have our own playground where we can play with the ideas they have shared. Have you noticed the only members in mine that have commented here are Cullberro and Cw the rest of these guys id like to continue on with in my thread. Im not in any pissing match by showing what I know until someone tries to piss on it then out comes gallons. Remember I left here and they simply followed me there. think about it If they don't have interest why are they there???? That part is not making since if posting how efficiency governs power is not something they want to hear. Someone on this board cares about that so let us talk and they can speculate on the lexus transmissions etc here . I promise you ill never return.

Let the members that didnt have a problem with the tech i was posting learn since they are willing to have an honest look. we should have a space where we can share ideas and concepts no one wants to touch here.

Im so good with this all you have to do is if you dont subscribe to it just stay out with negative comments. How difficult is that?


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