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Originally Posted by Harlard View Post
Dude the thing spools up so well. From what I could see, boost was already at 7 psi by 2500 in 2nd gear!

Ps does it have the colder plugs in it yet?
Yeah I'm pretty impressed with how low this thing starts making boost. I have 92oct in the tank now. I still have a vac leak or something else going on. AFRs swing from 13 to 17:1 at idle and low load. I replaced the lh o2 sensor, no change. Runs a touch lean in open loop at about 15:1 but its consistent. Even driving the AFRs look better with the o2 sensor unplugged than when plugged in.

I'm running 10psi now and it's making boost at as little as 2k rpm and its at 10psi around 2,800 depending on the gear. Doesn't really start to pull until about 3500 though. Seems to Rev out about as well as you can expect an 8v with a B cam to.

Yes I installed some BPR7ES plugs.

I did the oil drain different than pictured earlier in the thread.

This is what is at the block.

3" downpipe to 2.5" exhaust.

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