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This is what I was thinking for some wiring, but I got a feeling that the one Kyle posted on the first page of this thread will indeed work fine. I think I'm going to give his a try this evening. If not, I'll use the one below.

The idea of this one is to use the first relay to arm the system. I just never liked the idea of taking power for the fan directly from the fuse panel. Of course, Kyles diagram doesn't either.
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For all you Dijkstra fanboys:

Knuth also cites a letter sent to him by Dijkstra, in which the latter adds some nuance to this earlier statements: "Please don't fall into the trap of believing that I am terribly dogmatical about [the go to statement]. I have the uncomfortable feeling that others are making a religion out of it, as if the conceptual problems of programming could be solved by a single trick, by a simple form of coding discipline!"
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