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Default Power window fuse 10 high current

Had the power windows stop working while driving my '91 245 today with the kids in the back. Rolled the windows up on the freeway and once we were off we couldn't roll them back down (got hot without A/C!). I pulled over and found fuse 10 (15A) had blown, replaced and all windows worked again.

Stopped at HF and picked up a fuse current tester. Found that when either front window reached full closed and the motor stalled (holding switch for a second), current peaked at 15A. When more than one window was closed at same time the current exceeded 25A. Three windows and the fuse popped (over 30A).

So obviously I can't roll up more than one window at a time. But it seems like a really poor design to be able to max out a circuit fuse with a common operation (especially with kids in the car that can't remember the "one window at a time" rule). Is this a normal, just-how-it-is, deal-with-it thing on these cars, or are my window motors drawing abnormally high current?
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