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ALED (aka D16) is driven by a generic 3904 NPN transistor (Q8), $0.05 plus shipping. How do you have the relay wired? LED pin to one side of the relay coil, and the other side of the relay coil to switched +12V?

Before taking anything apart, I'd try the I/O Test Modes menu in Tuner Studio and see if turning on and off LED D16 lights up the ALED and/or runs the fan. Depending on where the fan relay is getting power, you might need to enable the fuel pump relay first.

edit: nevermind, you're talking MicroSquirt, not MegaSquirt. MicroSquirt drives the ALED pin with a 3NV04D mosfet driver - 8pin surface mount chip. It might be replaceable by someone with surface mount rework equipment. I'd check the wiring first.
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