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My dear car is supercharged and back on the road. We used a supra mk3 cooler that had it's pipes both on one side. Plumbing was rather easy, no complicated bends, luckily I had the stock MB pipes and they were a huge bonus as you can see from the pictures here:

The way it works is that the ECU engages the supercharger when TPS reads 45%. If the supercharger is engaged, the noise when BOV is open is super loud and annoying, but since the ECU disengages the magnetic clutch if throttle under 45%, it only does a small "psst" if I come off throttle aggressively. Sounds interesting.

Since the pulleys are stock, it boosts a little under 9 psi overall, at 1500-2000rpm it's about 6 psi instantly and at 6000 rpm it still boosts roughly 8 psi.

We used gray 313cc(?) injectors left over from my T4 swap.

There are some faults to work out. First there was an issue with SC belt, we installed the auto tensioner on the bottom because there was no room on top. When SC built up some pressure, it pushed the tensioner down and it started slipping even while idling. Another issue occurred with the alternator V belt. Since it is now longer, it doesn't like high RPMs or the rev limiter at least, flipped and shredded one belt already, no idea what to do about it so I just try to stay off the limiter for now.

Car is fun, sounds cool and I really like it. As some mentioned here before, +T is a better way for overall performance and future upgrading and might be easier to install, but I just wanted to try something different.
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