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Originally Posted by jackster999 View Post
Great thread! A lot of good work you've done. I just picked up an '88 740 turbo wagon last week and I'm looking to do a lot of the same things, so thanks for the documentation! By the way if your heated seats still aren't working, I was flipping through an online version of the owners manual and found this:

"Electronically-heated seats: The front seats are electrically heated and thermostatically controlled. Automatic engagement begins at 50F (+10C) and ends at 95F (+35C). Use the console-mounted switches to deactivate the heating, if desired." Not sure if it gets cold enough where you are for them to ever activate!
Thanks and good luck on your project!

I dug into the seats and the elements are broken in multiple places from age and mileage. I was tempted to replace them but then my priorities changed.

Watch this space for a rebuilt 13c swap and trans service as soon as my ipd shipment arrives
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