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Originally Posted by M.H. Yount View Post
Castings look pretty thick - did you bevel before welding?
I did on a percentage of it. I was concerned about beveling the whole thing and then the bevels not aligning and therefore the two not mating perfectly flat. So, I beveled, then left flats. My plan is to dig into the junction from the inside before I weld that as well. I can say that I welded it pretty hot, it was pulling stuff out from deep in the metal. When I make the fill plates for the remaining openings I’m gonna add ribs too. I’m confident in it.

Edit: if you look at the seventh and eighth pic (the first two with the trans sitting on the engine) in my last post you can see the bevels between the ribs where the blue squares are. It’s beveled all the way to the inner side of the housings.
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