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Well, after some days here I have an update:

I have not enough time to attend the Volvo, so I left it on a indy shop. The mechanc guy was trained in Sweden by volvo for over 17 years, so I guess there is no best hands to solve this issue.
The guy found: pre pump not working, the wrong spark plugs (bosch wr7dc) and too high compression due to soot. Everything else is ok. But the thing that is making me noise is: the guy said the pre pump is not working and the fuel pump is caught fuel with a lot of bubbles (Wtf?) , so the ECU is crazy receiving wrong info due the bubbles. The alternator belts are loosened , noisy and wasted , and the battery not charging properly. So after all this he said that if everything are fixed, the car could stop the high consumption and black smoke and soot.
What do you think ?
For me has no sense the bubbles...but if he was trained at volvo..... Let's see how it goes

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