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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
It sounds like the alternator is seized. Did you remove the broken adjusting bolt from the part it threads into (Volvo calls it a striker plate)? The bolt or the striker plate may have rotated into the alternator pulley fan when you tightened the nut.
This was the answer.

Just went out over lunch and decided to take a more measured approach in the light of day. Took off the water pump/fan pulley, v belts, and timing belt cover. Didnít take long for me to see the remnants of that tension bolt were preventing the alternator from spinning.

Removed. Reassembled. Car starts and runs with no issues. Idiot lights are off.

Ordering a new timing belt cover while Iím at it, since my old one is split/torn behind the fan/water pump pulley.

Thanks all.

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