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Default My Day Off: Spal Fan and Empty Engine Bay

Had the day off college, so I pulled the engine and trans out of my 242. Turns out my trans was an AW71. Wish the previous owner would have sealed the trans when it was leaking to avoid running it dry and ruining it...

Between the AW71 and 1031 rear I could have done a +T for the money and time I'm spending swapping in this AW70. Oh well...

Asides from that, I found my new Spal fan that I'm not going to end up using on my Third Gen Camaro, because I ended up starting an LS swap. Anyway, the fan is a 16" puller, and it moves plenty of air for the 242, although a bit noisy because of the straight fin design. Is it worth installing an e-fan since I have this one on hand?
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