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I have an IROC Camaro I am installing a 6.0 ls motor into. Basically, I want to make progress on a budget. Already have most of the physical stuff, but the only thing I haven't figured out is the tuning portion. I know the above isn't about my 240, but here's how it ties in: I've posted in the past about the possibility of learning the very basic components of tuning perhaps with MS or similar engine management ECU systems. From research I've done, HPTuners is one of the more affordable options for getting an LS motor running. I cannot afford the $1600 Holley system to get my motor going.

I'm looking for advice on how to get started on learning the ins and outs of tuning my own car. Would it be wise to start on a simple car like my 83 242 and move on to the more advanced LS brain? My 242 could use some fresh wiring and a more modern ECU system I think.

I'm in college for automotive tech, and I'd like to learn as much as I can for fun, and for a deeper understanding of everything that happens in the newer electronic systems.

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