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Originally Posted by 240wagonguy View Post
I got as far as downloading the PCM Hammer stuff and setting it up. Gotta build a flashing cable and whatnot.

My suggestion for budget build? Leave the engine 100% stock, figure out how to get it running by turning off security and deleting emissions codes, then move on from there.
This is something I've really been thinking about. I still have the stock camshaft and springs. The PCM is for an LQ9, and my 6.0 is an LQ4 that I am putting 243 heads on to. It will have a slightly higher comp ratio than an LQ9, about 10.6:1 (LQ9 is 10.1:1). However, I bet that the factory tune is "safe and rich," so maybe the motor would run just fine with that. I have LT headers, high flow cats and dual 2.5s that merge into a single 3.

The camshaft I had purchased for it was a Trickflow 228/230 112 .585/.585. It's not a HUGE camshaft or anything for the 6.0, or so I've been told. It's not supposed to be hard to tune. With this cam, people were estimating a healthy 400 rwhp.

With that being said, I'm going to be running a Chevy 10 bolt and a 4l60e. So the real question is do I really want to run 500 crank HP through that... even with the stock camshaft, I would likely be making a little over 330 rwhp.
One thing to note is that both the 4l60e and the 10 bolt are being built up to handle more power.
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