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Originally Posted by ZVOLV View Post
Pull the steering shaft.
Then what? Put vise grips on the splined stub and steer it that way? Gotta be an easier way.

Originally Posted by 2manyturbos View Post
Spend $25-$35 and have a key cut from the door lock cylinder. I doubt your car was re-keyed. In my experience, Volvo gets the keys right about 70% of the time from the VIN.
I thought about that and tried a few locksmiths, feels like a little more effort than I want to go through, pulling the door apart, etc. Might be the only way though. That's funny about the 70% guess, I used to have keys made by the dealer regularly 10-20 years ago and they were always right on, but this is the second case of a misfit I have heard of in the last year. Maybe they used to do a better job keeping track of the info than they do now.

Nobody knows if you can just punch out the lock with a mallet and chisel? No one here has ever tried to steal a 240? (I'll finish the joke myself -- no, 240s are not worth stealing )
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