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Default 1984 Volvo 760 GLE Turbo Diesel NEWBIE needs Help!

Hey all!!

I got my Grandfathers 1984 Volvo 760 GLE Turbo Diesel Automatic with 207K miles. Pretty cool old car!!

Did a light tune-up, fuel filter, glow plugs, oil change, new battery, etc. Drove for 2 weeks with no issues.

Today I was going about 80MPH and my automatic transmission just lost all gears while driving. I pulled over to find Reverse still works, but nothing in 1-3, D, nothing. Fluid was 1 quirt low, but still nothing.

SO here I am, Looking for Help... I see their are lots of swap information for these cars. I'm curious if I missed something and this tranny could still be good? Or If I should upgrade to a 5 speed manual (would be much more fun to drive). Not sure what transmissions fit the diesel over the gas engines?

Also looking what people do for upgrades on the turbo Desiel for more power. I know its 207K miles, so not trying to build a racecar, but maybe some tips/tricks or parts that help out.

I'm open to any ideas and I think you all in advance for help!

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