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Default sloooowww update .

Wassap. Today I got to do some major wiring fixo and is coming along fine. I got some injector electric plugs from a Subaru and they fit perfect in my injectors and as a matter of fact, I grabbed a couple here and there and I got them to match by pairs, Wohoo!!. Also I finally updated the gauges and the instrument panel with the Rx 7 speedo, and the tach from a 6 banger 960 that happens to be a Yazaki part made in japan. I tested the gauges where they will be permanently installed and they look good. So I finally got to finish most of the wiring inside the cabin and what a pita.I mentioned before that I got a dash for a killer price with only an inch ripped by the usual place past the instrument panel hump, but no biggie. Also I'm working with the center control by adding some weirdo switches just for the hell of it. Another score was the electric mirrors which I always wanted but had to get them to work with a Monte Carlo power mirror switch. It took me a while but it works. Also I got a complete third light and I turned it into led lights using Ford Mountaineer third light led assemblies and is bright as the Yankee Stadium, (lived there 4 fifteen years) so I am in my way to assemble it piece by piece. Another thing now are the WRX seats which are being reupholstered black and white thanks to a Saab/Subaru combination. My friend’s son was helping me clean the car. He says the brick is missing an eye. I got the other one at home getting it buffed.
I'll post some images for eye candy and I hope you all enjoyed Labor Day. I did. I spent it with a brick !!! lol

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