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Originally Posted by DavePolyakov View Post
Yes, I will go under the car today and get it right. The fact I messed up the measurement the first time is such a slap in the face. I swear it was correct. If the vibration is gone after I fix angles, am I hurting anything if the yoke is out that far? I probably should get it lengthened even if the vibration is gone, but it's probably going to be 200ish bucks, which totals my modified driveshaft to over 500 bucks. ****

Here's mine... 3/4" out the back.

Thinking you might want to get that looked at, not much engagement on your setup. Measure 20 times cut once....

Yeah that sucks, I'm out about that much for everything with my custom aluminum 3" one piece setup with the monster yoke, including balance.

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