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Some road trip pics:

Billy, 240JAH, and a great guy whose name I forget.

boostdemon and mikep

South Beach Miami


Eric F and Isaac

Isaac evicting the errant apostrophes

Portrait time

Jarritos and Cuban Press Sammiches with my buddy Preston Poe

that basket was full of cash


Kyle DeVries

Kyle, Great Dane Shane, my hair in the humidity, and Drew

Dan and kitty

The Alamo, Dotty!

San Padre Island

Chris Ng (crazychopstick)

more hair

Kerry (Kzoc)

Drew with Kerry's cats

Dreamland BBQ in Mobile AL

Kenny (linuxman)

Cutting and gluing

I tried to leave offerings when people were so gracious as to give us a place to stay

Finding the right adapters to properly narrow an 8.8

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay between tunnels, glad to be almost back on the Eastern Shore. 2 more hours of riding to Delaware.

I need to thank all of the people who gave us a place to stay, and also for the company, the tourist tips, and the food.
It was an amazing trip, and it could not have happened if we had be forced to pay for hotel rooms. As it was we only got a room one night, Christmas eve in New Orleans.
Thank you again.
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