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Originally Posted by Mint2Me View Post

I'm a little confused by the procedure suggested by Iansplatinum on the sender gasket. I'm able to tighten the screwss until it is super tight and the top is almost flush with the top of the tank so the rubber gasket is squashed down nicely. I checked yesterday and saw no more sweating so perhaps I got it tight enough. We shall see.
Huh, screws?? I thought the 70 sender installed similar to the 71-72 sender, just a different size and different gasket...

Here's some pics of early senders installed.... no screws. Sounds like someone finagled your sender at some point in time. They're supposed to be twisted into place.

Originally Posted by svinkle View Post
It's been a while but I seem to remember just turning the sender until it stopped, not having to calculate how far to turn before it loosened again.

I do remember my eyes watering from the gasoline fumes in the cabin before I replaced that o-ring.
If you twist until it gets tight, it will seal but it is possible to keep turning and then undo it. That's what I did and then it overflowed when I filled up at the gas station. Here's a pic of a new sender, it has 6 half circles that apply pressure on the gasket by biting tangs on the tank. You'll notice that there is no "stop".

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