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Good luck with finding a new tank. When I resto modded my car 6+ years ago reproduction 140 tanks were not available. I don't think that situation has changed.

Without knowing the details of your damage, I would be inclined to drain and remove your existing tank and send it to a rad shop (typically the guys who are prepared to do these types of repairs) to have the holes soldered up (soldering is usually the repair technique rather than welding) and if required the tank cleaned and sealed. If the shop is experienced patching up some screw holes will be a non issue. If you give them a fuel gauge sender that can be made to seal they will typically pressure test the repair to confirm that it is good before sending it home. You should be able to get a 1 day turn around unless they are really booked up.

Any tank that you can find from a salvage 140 is likely to have issues that at the very least may require cleaning and sealing. It will likely be faster to remove and repair your tank rather than try and find a replacement, do the unknown restoration work on it and then reinstall it.

Do you have the 1971+ fuel sender? If so, its likely that somebody needed a new sender and the 1970 and earlier senders were out of production so they tried to make a 1971 sender work (or cobbled some other mystery sender). If the sender retainer ring on your 1970 tank appears to be relatively un-mangled I would be inclined to source a replacement 1970 sender and gasket and have it test fitted to your tank to make sure that it seals. You may have to check around because not everybody has them in stock.
I found a good used tank from Don Theibold of If he says itís good I trust him. I will have it cleaned and sealed before it goes in. I have the proper sender coming from VP-Autoparts. Iíll check all the hoses and vents while the tank is out.
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