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Finish one thing and find 2 more to things replace it. Well, that's sort of where we are at. But it is only January and my plan is to be roadworthy by April Fools Day. Every pun intended with the selection of my date of completion.

Friday, we put the rebuilt front Stromberg in place and installed the rebuilt distributor now loaded with a Pertronix 1847 kit. So it wouldn't surprise you at all to hear that we couldn't find the rotor anywhere. Earlier in the day, we were at Custom Spares in Brewster, NY to pick up a Pertronix coil. If you live in the area and never heard of them you will be amazed by the inventory that Stuart has amassed over the years ( A missed opportunity to get a rotor if I knew I needed one.

Well, the delay in starting the car for the first time led us to fix some electrical issues. That is where the tailgate hinge wiring issue I spoke about raised its ugly head. While my friend, Mike, worked to sort that out, I removed the vent windows to reinstall the top pin and original vent window locks. That went well and everything works as intended.

The Blaupunkt AM radio isn't working so I sent that off to Vinatgeblau in New York for diagnosis and repair ( I replaced the interior light bulbs with 10W festoon bulbs and removed the interior rearview mirror because I found a NOS mirror through Don Thibault. Side mirror replacements coming from VP Auto Parts.

My friend and former colleague at Volvo Cars of North America gifted me with a complete and perfect copy of the Competition Services binder. Every item, part number, and illustration is there and it hurts to know I probably won't be able to find any of them!

Just for info, Amazon cars in the U.K. sell a 3D printed hinge and clip which makes the vent windows solid rather than a window you can open. Deletes the need for the glued on lock.
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