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Originally Posted by Scaramanga View Post
Any updates here?
Thanks for poking me because it has been a long time since the last post. I have a love-hate relationship with the 145. It runs really nicely although it still has a hot start issue that I think is normal for this car. It is cured by following the instructions in the owner's manual - Foot to the floor until it starts. I do that and have never been stranded but I can't imagine the little old school teacher who bought it new and left it for dead in 1989 had to do the same thing.

I installed the new Nardi wheel a little off-center. I was so happy to find a hub that worked I didn't care at the time. Now it bothers me but frankly, I would be amazed if I could get it off the splines to correct it.

She looks great with the roof rack and cool Panasports. I get a lot more thumbs-up than I did with my previous Mercedes-Benz 450SLC. I rebuilt the seats in the 145 using Pirelli straps but I still feel like I am sitting on the floor.. Maybe new foam will fix that?

I've put a lot of effort into this one but I am not feeling the love I thought I would. Maybe the next owner will appreciate all I have done. Oh, one of the vent window latches fell off for no good reason. Strike 3 for the window latch.
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