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Also you will have some more room to attack the stuck cable with the motor out of the way. Have you tried disconnecting it at the pedal end to get some more play to work with? That is if you can't get enough play by backing off the adjustment.
I... no. I haven't. I don't have any really good pics of the interior, but let's just say I'd be removing the carpet before touching the pedals... or anything inside the cabin.

If it's just four (or however many) bolts holding the bellhousing to the motor, I'm just going to throw a jackstand under the M41 and pull the motor off from the front.

Might end up taking the whole thing out today.

Thanks for your input, everyone!
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Will you do $14.99 shipped?
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please no more prying things with screwdrivers and bashing things with hammers!
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my balls have more wrinkles than my brain

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