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Default Is this progress?

Originally Posted by Scaramanga View Post

Anyhow, great to see some progress here! Keep it up!
Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely need it.

It being consistently above 15C outside means I can work on the car more frequently, and it also means more frequent 'updates' for... whoever's reading this I guess.

Today I endeavored to pull the engine. Got up nice and early, and had some semblance of a plan.

I figured that assembling my engine stand was probably a good start.

Also, removed my hoist from hibernation. It had developed a little bit of rusty from just sitting for six months, but nothing that hinders its function.

Once again, probably the biggest challenge of working the car is my tiny garage. Doesn't help that it's constantly full of junk. It took me a fair amount of time just to clear out the front so I could get the hoist in. The plus is that I can put it back better organized than before.

Engine leveler, as suggested.

I wasn't totally sure where to mount the chains, so I just installed the spare head bolts all the way.
Sketchy? Yes. Functional? Probably.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really get any pictures of me working under the car (just due to the cramped environment). This is the part where I cut to someone else's hackery on this old car.

For some reason, the nuts/bolts are different from one engine mount to the other. One used a normal 5/8" nut, while the other had two 17mm nuts stacked on top of each other.

I took all the bolts out of the bellhousing, which took an unusually long time. They were pretty well stuck, but I managed to get my torque wrench to free the ones at the bottom.
The ones at the very top, however were a special challenge. I must've smashed my hand numb trying to fit a wrench in the small space between the firewall and the back of the engine block.

My problem now is that I still can't separate the engine from the bellhousing.
That said, going through all these pictures from today reveals that I left a starter bolt in.

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