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I think maintaining a daily-driven rust belt 240 in 2021 is like building a house of cards at this point. I finally got around to replacing the power steering pulley on Saturday. The results were even better than expected. I must have had some belt slip or something because the steering improved again. I only experience hard turning if I'm sitting still and jerking the wheel which is never a necessary maneuver. I'll hold off on the rack. I have more important things to worry about.

The mid-pipe has rusted out pretty badly.

What you can't see are the multiple holes which are pretty loud and throwing off the O2 sensor. I talked a lot of smack about the IPD stainless piece, and my stance remains the same even after receiving this puppy in the mail.

Just look at those bends and that abrupt merge! It may be crude and ugly, but so is the IPD thing. This one also cost under $100, so I'll call it a win. If I were worried about making it show quality or squeezing out every bit of HP, I'd for spring for one with mandrel bends. A coat of high temp paint will make this one good enough for me!

Much better.

I wouldn't have made the "house of cards" comment if I wasn't about to get a kick in the nuts though. When I went under the car to spray the manifold and catalytic converter bolts, I made a very unsightly discovery. Most 240s mark their territory with oil. Ours does this instead.


The previous owner's floor patch did not hold up whatsoever which seems to be a revolving theme with Moose. He seems to reject new metal because my wheel arch repair from a year and a half ago isn't looking so hot either.

Frankly, this hurts. Both my fiancé and I are pretty upset about this and unsure of what to do next. What we know for sure is that I'm not cut out for keeping this car in daily service. Since the nicer weather has just began, I'm going to leave this be for a while. I'm hoping to get the Camaro done soon so that I can use it daily while Allie drives the C30. Maybe then I can fix this in the driveway? I'm not sure, but I'm very much cursing the 1/2" of undercoating that's blocking my view of what actually needs to be cut out. Let's hope the issue is fairly isolated.

For the record, I don't necessarily blame the previous owner for a hack floor repair. I do blame them for not replacing the brake octopus though. The brake fluid had been leaking for a long time and essentially dissolved the undercoating. The good news is that it will come off easily. The bad news is that it's been holding in corrosive fluid for who knows how long. I should have scraped it off a long time ago, but I didn't. Now I have a lot more work to do.

I am very discouraged, but neither Allie nor I are ready to give up on this car. We love it, and we'll get another daily driver if that's what it takes to keep road tripping Moose for the long term.
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